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Scrap Car Removal

Give Today Car Removal a call to get Cash for Your Scrap Car. We are the Scrap Car Buyers & Wreckers that don’t let vehicle owners down when it comes to cash offers. We make up to $7999 Cash offers for any make and condition of a vehicle. Give us a call today.

Call us at 048 1771 353

Scrap Cars Mean Value When You Give Today Car Removal a Call

It doesn’t take long for us to know the kind of cash we can offer on vehicles. We are the expert wreckers that wreck, refurbish and recycle vehicles. We know our business so well that we can make you a quote for your vehicle over the phone or online.

As the Scrap Car Wreckers — we have all the necessary tools and equipment so that we can wreck vehicles to the highest standards. Standards so high that we practice green recycling. Our wreckers can wreck and recycle most parts of the vehicle and the only thing left is a few hazardous fluids that are properly contained and disposed of.

With Our Green Recycling, You Have the Peace of Mind of Not Polluting The Environment

At Today Car Removal, we refurbish and recycle vehicles. While we know that we’ll be buying and collecting your vehicle that is in scrap condition that doesn’t mean it has no use. We are the expert wreckers that turn scrap vehicles to cash. Those rusted fenders will be cleaned up and recycled. Those parts under the hood will be recycled for their precious metals or refurbished if they are in good working condition. We’ll gut the interior of the vehicle, and recycle and refurbish, as well. Once there is nothing but a bare shell left of the vehicle we’ll take it and crush it to recycle the steel. Your scrap vehicle will be made into new metals and products, getting you Cash for Your Scrap Car.

We Collect Your Vehicle for Free

At Today Car Removal you don’t have to find a way to tow your vehicle into us. We come to you. Our Courtesy Car Removals mean that wherever you are located in —-, the Car Removal is on the house. We do all the heavy loading and removing of the vehicle at no cost. You simply count your cash! Top Cash for your Scrap Auto.

When You Choose Today Car Removal You Choose:

  • Fast and courteous service offered around the clock – We remove the vehicle at your convenience!
  • Instant Cash for Scrap Cars payments – our technicians pay you top cash for your scrap car before we load it!
  • Eco-friendly Scrap Car Disposals so you don’t have the concern of polluting the environment!
  • We bring the paperwork with us, so you know once you sign the sales contract the vehicle is our responsibility

Get Your Scrap Car Sold

To get your scrap car sold, give us a call at —- or complete our “get a quote” form online. Just look to the top right of this page.

  • 1.    Call us at 048 1771 353
  • 2. Accept or reject our offer.
  • 3. Schedule a Free Car Removal.

We ask that all vehicle owners have the following prepared before we arrive:

  • The scrap title or title of ownership for your vehicle.
  • The plates for the vehicle removed (our technician can remove the plates if you are unable to).
  • The vehicle in an easy to access area.

With that, we’ll quickly inspect, buy and remove your vehicle and within the hour you will have our full Cash for Scrap Cars offer in your hand.

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