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Old Car Removal

Any condition of old car, we’ll make you an offer for it. Today Car Removal is the old car buyer in Sydney that guarantees to deliver the best services. Cash for your old car, and a free old car removal anywhere in Sydney. Get a quote today. We’ll make you one over the phone.

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Old Car Removal Sydney

Age of your vehicle doesn’t matter. Your vehicle can be an old clunker, one that doesn’t run or a mint antique. Today Car Removal is more than a removal company offering a quick and easy way to get rid of your vehicle. We are also the Old Car Buyers that pay cash for your vehicle. Our wreckers are interested in any old car for the refurbish and recycle value of the parts and metals, just as our network of buyers are looking for all cars in running condition that we can offer. With our massive connections, we can make Cash for Old Cars offers that get the interest of car sellers. Such interest we typically hear the word “Sold.” We have a history of great payouts. Up to $7999 Cash. Cash that we don’t wait to put in the hands of the sellers. We’ll deliver it today.

How Our Old Car Buying & Removals Work

At Today Car Removal, we are old car buyers that make the process of selling your vehicle one that doesn’t take long. Our system starts with a quote. A quote that takes a few minutes over the phone or through our web page to obtain. Once the quote is obtained all that’s left is for you to decide if you’d like us to take you up on our offer. If you decide that what we quote you is a price you’d like to accept then what’s next is this:

  • 1. We’ll ask you to schedule a convenient time for us to provide an Old Car Removal. With wreckers that work 24 hours a day, any time is a good time to have your old car removed.
  • 2. While you wait for our wrecker to arrive with our Cash for Old Cars offer ready to put in your hand, please prepare the following:
    • Gather the title of ownership or scrap title for the vehicle
    • Park the vehicle in an area that allows our wrecker to inspect and load the auto
    • Have the plates for the vehicle removed
  • 3. When we arrive the process of inspecting, buying, loading and removing the vehicle takes about 45 minutes. Our wrecker brings the necessary paperwork for the seller to sign, and then the exchange of cash for car will be completed.
  • 4. While our wrecker loads the vehicle you count your cash.

To obtain a cash for old cars quote and schedule a free car removal we will require the following information:

  • The make and model of your vehicle
  • The age and condition of the auto – we will require a complete description of the vehicle. Let us know any dents and dings, issues and modifications

When You Choose Today Car Removal You Choose

When you choose us, you choose a Car Removal company that works to provide you with high cash payouts on old cars, trucks, vans, Utes, Jeeps, SUVs, buses, 4x4s, and bikes and the easiest removal in town. Our team is a team of knowledgeable professionals that are courteous and don’t waste time. We make quick Cash for Old Cars offers and schedule convenient Old Car Removals within minutes.

We are the buyers, wreckers and resellers that have the network to make the best cash offers.

Call us at 048 1771 353

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